International Summer Storage

Free International storage spaces will be available to students under F1 status only, based on need and first come / first served basis.  If there is additional storage space available after the need has been met, we will open the remaining spots to a lottery system.

In order to apply you must fill out the international summer storage form that is located on the International website.  A spot (23” wide x 35” high) will be assigned to you.  The space will accommodate 4 boxes 18x18x18 and we highly recommend plastic containers.  Please note – this storage space is not secure – please do not store your valuables.  Also, no bikes, loose items (fans, lamps, etc…) or food will be permitted.

Connors Brothers is another option.  Consider sharing a pod with your friends if you need more space than what we can provide for free or you can store per-item storage.

Connors Brothers Box Sale: Purchase boxes in Paresky Hall between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Wednesday-Friday, May 17th-19th. Also, you can borrow a dolly from the mail room for moving heavy boxes/containers.

The International Summer Storage will be open May 16, 18 & 22 between 9 am to 4:00 pm. There will be a table set up outside of Greylock Basement where you will be assigned your spot and receive labels to fill out. It is important that we do this in a orderly manner and that you take care of the space for the benefit of everyone!