Inviting Family/Supporters to Visit the US

To facilitate the process of applying for a B-2 visitor visa, you can request a letter of invitation

Parent/Relative Visa Letter Form

  • FirstMiddleLastRelationship (Mother/Father) 
  • Arrival DateDeparture Date 

The letter should include:

  • the name of the person applying for the visa (should match passport) and relationship to you
  • the purpose of the visit, e.g., to attend graduation
  • who will provide financial support for the visit
  • the arrival & departure date
  • If you will support the person’s visit financially, you should provide evidence of financial support (a bank statement, your financial award letter, your sponsor’s letter, etc…)

Proof of Ties to Home Country

Your family members or friends should also bring “proof of ties” to home country with them when they apply for the visa stamp at the U.S. embassy/consulate, such as:

  • copies of deeds to any property (land, house, apartment) they own at home
  • bank statements of any accounts they maintain at home
  • if they are employed, they could bring a letter of employment